Calbird = Connecting People
We're committed to making a product that helps people connect and make work more enjoyable.
We saw a problem
The way scheduling gets done is too time consuming ... but it's not your fault.
What time works for you to meet? What day and location did we decide? How can I reschedule?
Scheduling a meeting usually takes a few calls or emails. Add a third person, and you are stuck in an email nightmare.
Billions of dollars are spent on improving businesses each year, yet when it comes to connecting with other people, playing email and phone tag is still the way to go. Why? It's a chronic and frustrating problem.
A simple way to share your availability and schedule meetings.
We’re obsessed with making a product that people enjoy using every single day. We want to make it super easy for your customers to connect with you. Calbird will make you save time, improve sales and don’t lose your leads - kick back and enjoy your new free time.
Calbird was founded by Lo Axhamre and Andreas Mazarakis — two super nerds who have a history of building successful products and companies in tech.